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McCreery 3-Cushion
Billiards Tournament

The inaugural “McCreery 3-Cushion Champion of Champions” event, an exciting and innovative 3-cushion billiards tournament, will begin on Sunday, August 5, 2018, and run through Saturday, August 11, 2018.

Over the course of these seven days, twelve of the most accomplished billiard champions in the world will compete in a round robin event, including Raymond Ceulemans, the most recognized and awarded billiard player of all time. Organized and sanctioned by the Union Mondiale de Billiard (UMB), the “McCreery 3-Cushion Champion of Champions” will showcase 69 matches introducing never-before-seen technology from ESB Labs that will allow for in-depth, real-time insights into the game.

The players will compete for over $600,000 in prize money in this most prestigious three-cushion tournament in history.

Finals Bracket

F. Caudron
50 - 24
S. Sayginer
F. Caudron
FINAL 50 - 35
E. Merckx
D. Jaspers
28 - 50
E. Merckx

Upcoming Matches

Each day of competition is a test of wills and a show of skills. View the standings and schedule for the upcoming matches.

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